Alabanza A Within The Heights

Mismo identical, identicalEs el mismo sombrero.It’s the same hat. ° aquí mismo proper hereNos encontraremos aguí mismo.We’ll meet proper right here. ° darle a uno lo mismo to be all the identical to oneTodo le da lo mismo.It’s all the identical to him. ° eso mismo that very https://www.stluciamirroronline.com/help-with-thesis-editing/ thingEso mismo le dije yo.That’s simply what I told him.

° pesarse to weigh oneself, get weighedEs aconsejable pesarse a menudo.It’s advisable to get weighed incessantly. Película filmNecesito un rollo de película.I need a roll of movie. ▲ image, movieHoy dan una película muy buena.There’s a very good picture today.

Favor por favor.Return favor for favor. AgainNo ha vuelto a escribirme.He hasn’t written me once more. ° volver del revés to show the other means up; to show inside out. ° volver en sí to recover consciousness, come to. ° volver la cabeza to turn one’s headAl oír su nombre volvió la cabeza.She turned her head when she heard her name.

Trust not thy wife with a Fryer, nor brabble with a Iudge. The Prodigal hath as many associates as eat at his table. The more a lady looks in her glass, the much less she seems to her house.

Vuelo flight, tripDe un solo vuelo el avión atravesó el mar.The airplane made a continuous flight throughout the ocean. ▲ width, fullnessLas faldas ahora tienen poco vuelo.Skirts are narrow this season. ° vender a plazos to sell on installments ° vender to give oneself away, betraySu emoción le vendió.His emotion betrayed him. —Al hablar se vendió.When he spoke he gave himself away.

In the Heights combines multiples musical styles to capture the flavour of Washington Heights and Usnavi’s world. This blog includes dramaturgical content written and supplied by Milwaukee Repertory Theater. It follows Usnavi , a sympathetic New York bodega owner, who saves each penny in the hopes of reviving his father’s business in his native Dominican Republic. (L-r) MELISSA BARRERA, DAPHNE RUBIN-VEGA and director JON M. CHU on the set of Warner Bros. (L-r) COREY HAWKINS, LESLIE GRACE and director JON M. CHU on the set of Warner Bros. (Center l-r) DASCHA POLANCO as Cuca, DAPHNE RUBIN-VEGA as Daniela and STEPHANIE BEATRIZ as Carla in Warner Bros.

Firme firm, regular, sturdyTome esta silla que es muy firme.Take this chair; it is sturdy. ° en firme particular, firmHicieron una oferta en firme.They made a definite offer. ° estar en lo firme to be within the rightCreo que estoy en lo firme.I imagine I’m in the right. ° firmes roadbedLa carretera se hizo con firmes especiales.The street was built with a special roadbed. Entrada entranceAdornaron la entrada con banderas.They adorned the entrance with flags. ▲ admissionLa entrada será gratis.Admission will be free.

Pesar sorrow, remorseSu muerte causó gran pesar.His demise caused great sorrow. ° a pesar de in spite ofA pesar de todo, lo haremos.In spite of every thing, we’ll do it. ° tener pesar to be sorryTengo gran pesar por lo que hice.I’m very sorry for what I did.

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